Artsy Couture Update

Artsy Couture Update Dec. 2016

An updated Artsy Couture/Gallery Block product offering is available. A template file with these changes is attached as well as these instructions.

In this update:

URLs for "icon", "layoutimage", "nodeimage" have been updated to reference a new location. Old location will be inactive at the end of January 2017.

Shipping method has been added and the order option for shipping has been removed.

The original Gallery Blocks offering also included a group of text options that were placedat the root of the template file. These have not changed and are not included in this update.



Make a backup copy of your current template file before beginning the update. If you have utilized only a subset of the full offering then be selective in your copy and paste.

For those more fluent in the ways of template file modifications here are the old and new partial URLs that can be used for a find and replace.

Old - Do a find on this.


New - Replace with this



Open your current template file in template tool. Starting with the test template file is recommended but follow whatever change practices you use with other template file changes.

In your current template file retire the Gallery Blocks catalog.

Open the supplied template file.

Copy the Gallery Blocks catalog:

Highlight the Gallery Blocks catalog.

Control/Command C to copy.

Return to your template file:

Highlight the top level of the template file.

Control/Command V to paste in the Gallery Blocks catalog.

NOTE: You will get a list of duplicate u_id alerts. Once completed the retired Gallery Blocks catalog will be deleted to clear the duplicate u_ids.

Make any price or product id changes needed.

Save your changes and post/publish the modified file.

Launch your ROES client.

Clear the ROES caches

Home pane, Diagnostic Tools, Clear Caches, Both, OK.

The client will exit automatically.

Launch your ROES client and verify the Gallery Block offering has icons in the sizes pane and the graphics are displayed in the workspace on template selection.

The shipping option us gone from the cart and a ship method exists.

Delete the original (retired) Gallery Blocks catalog.

Save your changes and post/publish the modified template file.

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