Manually gathering the ROES Client log

The ROES client log is always beneficial. In addition to it listing a pertinent error it also lists Operating System, Java version memory allocation and username.

In cases where the client doesn't launch or crashes on launch the log will have to be obtained manually.

On a PC running Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.


<USERNAME> is the user the workstation is logged into. There will only be so many in the "Users" folder. The correct username folder will have a .roescache folder as well as the .labname folder.

.labname is a folder in the username folder that will contain either the lab name or some naming that aligns with the client launch. If need be launch the client on your own system to verify the .labname folder naming.


On a Mac any operating system

On a Mac any folder that starts with a .(period) is by default hidden. The Go to Folder.. command will be utilized to get to the .labname folder

With Finder active select the Go drop down.

In the dialog presented enter


The entry line will search ahead based on the characters entered. As an example if you type ~/.ro escache for .roescache will auto fill. Same is true for typing in the .labname, if you have the first couple of letters correct it should autofill with the correct name.

Click GO.

The contents of the .labanme folder will be displayed. Log file name is roeslog.log


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