ROES Server - Orders in 'Incoming' Folder Not Processing

ROES Server - Orders Not Processing
-Use your ROES Test Client software to place a small test order.  Verify it completes transferring and exists in the 'Incoming' folder and that the order isn't being picked up and processed by the ROES Server.
-If the order IS picked up and processed by the ROES Server, it means the remaining orders in the 'Incoming' folder haven't finished transferring from your photographers computer.
-Use the ’Stop’ button at the top of each ROES Server so no Incoming orders will start processing while we make changes.
-Go to the ‘Data’ tab  
-Take a look at the 'Ensemble Listeners' , ‘Coordinators’ and the ‘Queues’ tables.
-Use the pulldown to access each table:
ROES Server - Data Tab
-If you see any entries, select them and use the ‘minus’ key at the lower left to remove them.
-Use the ‘Start’ button and see if the orders start to process