ROES Web - Fonts: Install and Test

ROES Web Fonts



ROES Server  Fonts Install

Download and install the font(s) on ROES Server Computer (See separate knowledgebase article for step-by-step).

(Windows key + r and enter "Fonts" to open the fonts)

Windows Font Panel

(Mac Go to Applications and run Font Book app)

Mac Font Book

-Verify the font(s) return and show when entered in the 'Search' field

-Shut down the ROES Server and relaunch to load the new font(s)


ROES Web Fonts Install 

Enter the font by modifying the CSS file, adding an 'import' statement(s).  Save and upload to site.

Example import statements:

@import url(',400i,700,700i');

@import url(',400i,700,700i');

@import url(',400i,700,700i');

@import url(',400i,700,700i');


@import url('');


Verify the font is loaded in ROES Web

ROES Web Verify

-Open the ROES Web Client and load a text product into the working space

-Right-Click, Inspect, Sources and go to the 'cloud' website the font is being loaded from ( if the font is from Google)

**The url to the font can be verified by looking at the imported css in the if the font is from Google**

-expand 'cloud', S, Font Folder until the font file shows and when selected shows the font characters to the right

-Select the text node in the ROES Web product, using the pull down to verify the font is listed and is displaying properly


Create an Order

Create an order using several text nodes and use the font(s).  

-Fill the node with text without causing an autosize-down adjustment by the software.  

-Vary the font size, style (bold, italics, underline) and the color, recording the values of both sizes. styles and colors.


Complete and Send the order

Open the order.xml, find the tSPAN node and examine the 'svg' values

-Font family, size and color should match what you entered in the test product text;  font-family:Anton;font-size:20pt;fill:rgb(238, 28, 28)



Render the Text

ROES Server to Disk Printer - ROES Server render uses the svg to directly render the text into the template.

Enqueue the order to a Test Render and open the rendered files to check for correct font family, style, color and size without clipping


ROES Server to DP2 Agent - The DP2 Agent uses the svg info in the order.xml and renders two images for each text node (a mask image and a text image) to the 'Client Generated Images' folder.  The path to the image is added to the job file: 

IC: 20000

Ifile: ~\\MACBOOKPRO-2A93\Desktop\MAS_EnsembleFolders\6-ClientGeneratedImages_RS\MarcRWTest_006702\SATextImage_1_Node_20000.jpg~

Maskfile: ~\\MACBOOKPRO-2A93\Desktop\MAS_EnsembleFolders\6-ClientGeneratedImages_RS\MarcRWTest_006702\SATextMaskImage_1_Node_20000.jpg~


Send the same order to the DP2 Agent to create the order in DP2

Open the order in DP2

  • -Open the order items window and open the product(s)
  • -Examine the text node and verify the render is the right font family, style, size and color without clipping


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