Clicking Render does not create images

Clicking Render button fails to create images:

If images fail to be created when Render is clicked, go to the Home pane, click the Diagnostics button at lower left, and click Show Log.  At beginning of the log look for the operating system value and make sure it isn't XP.  Also verify the system is not using a 32 bit version of Windows.  Below the operating system entry in the log check the Memory allocation values and make sure it is higher than 768MB, ideally it will be 4 digits like 3996.  If lower or only 3 digits then check the end of the log for entries like Out of memory: Java heap space.  If present this means the application did not have enough memory available to render the image.  This could occur also if the customer image is very large, like a pre-rendered file res-ed up in Photoshop and placed in a larger product size.  Using a smaller version of the image can help with this.

If the Windows operating system is 64 bit but the memory allocation is only 3 digits like 768MB, the customer is likely using the jnlp installer and not the native launch.msi, so have the customer exit and remove the old Java ROES and install the newer native one.

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