Customer info not saved between launches

The customer.xml file may have become corrupt.  The roeslog file will show entries of 'Error saving customer.xml'.  Best solution is to delete the customer.xml file.

The file is located in the .labname folder located in the Users home folder.

On a PC go to C:\Users\THEUSERNAME\.labname folder.

THEUSERNAME is the name of the logged in user.

The .labname is based on the name of the labs ROES setup and should be obvious.

On a Mac a folder that begins with a . (period) is hidden. Use this command in Finder to display the .labname folder

In Finder select Go drop down, then Go to Folder...

In the dialog presented type


Click Go. The contents of the .labname folder will be displayed. Delete the customer.xml file and relaunch ROES.

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