OS X Startup Error: The main class com.softworks.roes.app.ROESApp could not be loaded

When launching the ROES Client on Apple systems, if you see an error dialog that lists an initialization error or a class not found, it is best to go clean out the attempted install and start fresh.
-Open Finder and in the top menu click Go and select Go to folder from the list.  A dialog window will open with a field to type a path into. 
Enter:        ~/.ROESEngineCache
then click OK/Open
-When the new Finder window opens select the entire contents of the folder, right-click on the files and select Move to Trash.
-Open the launch.dmg again and re-execute the lab specific .app file listed when the file unpacks.  It should then install and start correctly. 
-If there is still a failure, copy the .app file into your Applications folder and try to execute it from there.

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