ROES Server - Disk Printer Sharpening

ROES Server - Disk Printer Sharpening



A sharpening parameter has been added to a Disk Printer that applies to any file it renders.  This is settable on each Disk Printer.

Algorithm is unsharp mask

It has three values:

Format is Radius,Amount,Threshold

Range of values

Radius: 0 to 100.0

Amount: 0 to 100

Threshold: 0 to 255

Starting values of 0.2,5,1 have been found to be good for some Noritsu printers.  Values for other output devices will be published as we become aware of them.

Sharpening may be placed on a specific node of a template to prevent unwanted sharpening on graphics, etc...   Use the attribute 'sa_unsharpen' and vary the same three values.  Use the "Node sharpening has precedence" option in the Disk Printer.


Three choices for how the sharpening will be applied

Node sharpening has precedence - Any sharpening found on a node will be utilized when rendering. Any values set in the Apply Sharpening field are ignored.

Global sharpening has precedence - The sharpening values set in the Apply Sharpening field will be utilized for all nodes on the template when rendering. Any node level sharpening is ignored.

Add global and node sharpening - Node and global values are summed and then applied.

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