ROES Server - Reports Not Printing

ROES Server - Reports Don't Print

Check the following items if reports under the 'Reports' tab or in a Report Printer Agent don't print:


1.  Is the 'Print Qty:' field set to "1"

2.  Does the 'Template:' field have the correct path to the report template and does the file exist?

3.  If the 'Create report only if this condition is true:' box is checked, is the conditional in the 'Condition:' field evaluating to "TRUE".  If you want to test this as the issue, uncheck the box and submit a text order.

4.  Is the correct printer selected in the 'Printer to Use:' pulldown?  Go to the Windows Control Panel and verify the printer.

5.  Can you print to that printer from another application like Notepad?





ROES Server - Reports Don't Print

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