ROES Server - Finding and Sending the ROESServer.log File

Sending the ROES Server Log File


When sending in any problem report, one of the most helpful things you can do besides describing the issue, is to send ROES Support the ROESServer.log file.  There are two ways to get the log:


  1. Manually browse to the .log file and email it to us.  - You can find it at this typical path:  Mac - Finder-> Go-> Go to Folder-> Enter: .ROESServer (or some variant of that - .ROESSAS, .ROESSARServer, etc...)  PC - C:\Users\<Username>\.ROESServer
  2. Email from ROES Server - Go to the Options tab of the ROES Server and use the 'Send Log' button.  The ROES Server will email the log and some files to the address used under the 'Email' tab, at the bottom.  You can then forward the email to support.

You can also add a comma after the existing address at the bottom of the 'Email' tab and add the ROES Support persons email and the ROES Server will send a copy there as well.  If you don't know their email, send it to support.


ROES Server Send Log Button



ROES Server Send Log Address

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