ROES Server - Gmail as Outgoing Mail Server

Per Google, its Less Secure Apps feature was phased out on May 30, 2022.  This feature could be and was commonly used for sending emails from the ROES Server, by using a Gmail account.  There is an alternative method of secure email transmission available in GMail but it needs to be configured. The steps below will help you configure a Gmail account to use an App Specific Password for the ROES Server (instead of using the Less Secure Apps feature).  You can do this whether you are creating a new Gmail account or editing an existing one. 



To set up a NEW Gmail account for the ROES Server to use in the ‘Email’ tab:

1. Go to

2. Click Sign In (top right). 

3. Click Use Another Account. 

4. Click Create Account, then select For Myself. 

5. Type the first/last name youd like to give the account, as well as the Gmail address and password youd like the ROES Server to use to send emails.  A good example might be 'roesserver.<labname>'  -OR-  '<labname>'

 6. Click Next.

7. Enter your mobile phone number (to be used later when configuring a security setting), as well as a birthdate and gender. Note that besides the phone number, the other information does not need to be accurate since this is an account just for the ROES Server.

8. Click Next.

9. Scroll down through the Privacy and Terms to select I Agree. 


To configure the Gmail Account 2-Step Verification and App Password:

10. Click the account icon at the top right of the page. 


11. Click Manage Your Google Account. 

12. Click Security. 


13. If configuring before May 30, 2022, scroll down to the Less Secure App Access section and turn it Off.



2-Step Verification

14. Scroll up to the Signing in to Google section and click 2-Step Verification.


15. Click Get Started. 

16. Sign in to the Gmail account.

17. Click Text Message (or Phone Call, if preferred), then click Next.

18. You will receive a text (or phone call) to the number assigned to the account. Enter the code and click Next. 

19. When prompted that it worked, click Turn On.


Generate App Password

20. Return to the accounts Security page to the Sign in to Google section. Click App Passwords.

21. Sign in to the Gmail account.

22. On the App Passwords screen, open the Select App menu to choose.

23. Open the Select device menu to choose Other (Custom Name). Type a descriptive name (e.g. ROES Server), then click Generate.

24. Copy the password Google generated for ROES Server--see example below--then click Done. You will enter this 16 digit APP SPECIFIC PASSWORD into the ROES Server  ‘Password:’ field. Use no spaces. 




Fill in ROES Server Email Tab: 

1. Address: smtp-tls://

2. Username:

3. For Password, you should paste or enter in the app password created in the steps above:






**App Passwords do not expire on a regular basis. However, if you change your Google password, you must set up a new App Password at that time.**


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