ROES Web - New Cards Capability and Option Previews

ROESWeb has a new modified Package behavior.

Setting attribute "card" with a value of true on a container type of "package" invokes a modified package behavior. The modified behavior allows the user to step through the items that make up the package such as a front/back or outside/inside sections of a card. A user can jump to a particular product in the sequence by clicking on it in the product preview bar. Options for the card can be defined for swapping in different designs or themes. See a video here.

Package Card Mode

The attributes and values
Attribute Value Description
containertype package structures the templates within this container as a package
card true invokes a modified package behavior that allows the user to step through the templates that comprise the package


Link Option Groups

Option groups can now be linked together using attribute "linkselectionid". When options are linked in this manner an option selection in one group will select the same sequential option in all linked groups.  As an example an option selection in the group "Outside Designs/Themes" will select the corresponding option in the "Inside Designs/Themes" group, option 1 to option 1, option 2 to option 2 and so on.


New Option Previews

A new means of option previews can be enabled within your client configuration file by a SoftWorks Systems support representative.

When the option previews capability is enabled, all options that contain an Override Additions (overridesadd) are rendered in the options pane showing a more dynamic representation of the option applied to the product. The preview behavior is not limited to those options defined within a package/card structure but any options containing an Override Additions.

New Options Preview

If the rendered preview of an option does not yield the desired results attribute "preview" can be set on the option with a value of "false". Alternatively if an option within a group does not contain an overridesadd it will display differently then others in the group with overridesadd. For consistency of the display attribute "preview" with a value of true can be set on the option without the overridesadd.

Attribute "preview"
Attribute Value Description
preview false set on an option that has an overridesadd but you don't want the rendered preview
preview true set on an option that does not have an overridesadd but you want to show a rendered preview

This will work best for offerings where the product structure is consistent, there are more than one template that comprises the product and the graphic is swapped out via an option.

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