ROES Web - New Product Browsing

Product browsing has a new and exciting look and behavior.

Available on your ROES Web test client now, live availability mid January 2021.

Product groups will be graphically represented within the product browsing workspace. An icon will be generated and displayed for each group. The icon is an overlay of the first 3 products in the group. If the group contains additional groups the icon will be a folder icon. If the group consists of templates and groups the icon will represent templates.

A custom image can be called by using attribute "groupimage" with a URL to a Jpeg or Png file. Optimum size is approximately 50 pixels high by 50 pixels wide.

Product Browsing


A new look to breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs represent the product path currently present in the workspace. These have a new look and are available throughout the browsing process.


If you are unsure of your ROES Web test URL it can be deduced from your live URL. Refer to the table below. In short add "Test" to the domain name and "Test" to the config name.

Live URL<ROESWebConfigName>RW/products
Test URL<ROESWebConfigName>RWTest/products

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