Splashtip Use in ROES Web

New in ROES Web, the Splashtip can be used as a welcome, information center, and guide to your ROES.  The Splashtip page(s) can be as decorative as you like, using tables and image calls with ROES URLs embedded to help guide customers to product groups, display current sales, indicate closings or holiday hours, etc.

The Splashtip element is added off the root of the templates file in Template Tool.  As with ROES Desktop, the text attribute should be set to a full URL to a desired HTML file over https.  ROES URLs, explained below, can be defined in the splash page(s) as well to enable jumping to Catalogs, Groups or specific Template in the products browser or the workspace.  


Splashtip in Web:

 - Use the label attribute to set a button name for users to click and see the splash again (similar to going back to the Home screen in ROES Desktop)

 - In the text attribute, enter URL to your file; Must be https:// link to file(s) and any images/links called out in the file(s)

 - ROES URL's supported like in Desktop but needs RoesUrlemitter script in splash page(s) body like:


    <script type="module" src="https://www.roesweb.com/roesUrlEmitter.js"></script>

(The sample splash shown above with the script call in it is attached to this article in an advanced HTML (Websplash) with inline CSS and a very basic HTML (Websplash1))



ROES URLs are links added into the page using roes:// followed by a "URL" made out of u_id values to the desired location in the templates collection (so if your Catalog u_id is Canvas and the group to jump to has u_id of wrappedcanvas, the ROES URL is roes://Canvas/wrappedcanvas to get to the group.  If the first template has u_id of f6yhe3r then to jump to that would be roes://Canvas/wrappedcanvas/f6yhe3r.  In ROES Web use ROES URLs need extra values defined:

view - either products or workspace for the value.  Using view="products" will stay in the product browser and is good for jumping to Catalogs or Groups; using view="workspace" is required to jump to a specific Template and also can be used for Catalogs or Groups and customers can browser in the left pane to get to groups, sub-groups or templates.

keep-open - Can be set to either true or false to leave the splash open (like opening a secondary splash page) or false to dismiss the splash after selection is made and shows.  So to jump to a Fine Art catalog and leave the splash open and stay in the product browser, the line in your page can be

<a href="roes://FineArt" keep-splash-open="true" view="products">Fine Art Cat, Keep Open</a><br><br>

To jump straight to a cards group in the workspace and close the splash:

<a href="roes://RUG2017/Cards/4x8" keep-splash-open="false" view="workspace">Greet Cards group in workspace, close splash</a><br><br>

Or the first card in the group:

<a href="roes://RUG2017/Cards/4x8/126b4c2dd75:-7ba9" keep-splash-open="false" view="workspace">Greet Card 1 workspace, close splash</a><br><br>

NOTE: If you use both ROES Web and Desktop, these added values will not have any effect in ROES Desktop so you can use the same splash if using essentially the same templates collection for both.


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